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What Are We? A poem by S.M.M. Alladin

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A poem emailed to us by one of our members:

Here is the poem I wrote on Tuesday gone when I attended “Poetry and Prose session at the Well Being Centre off Battersea Road.”


                                                      What Are We?


                                             Are we humans or are we animals?

                                             The way we treat each other. Our cruelty

                                              to one another, it makes me wonder.

                                               What are we?

                                                 My tears more than all the water in all

                                                  Earth’s oceans. I want to stop crying. I

                                                   will only stop when human inhumanity,

                                                     crimes against humanity, cease. Every

                                                      breath I take, my heart skips a beat, when

                                                       I see the wickedness, the demon seed of

                                                        humanity. Are we humans or animals? I

                                                         would say the latter. Convince me,

                                                          however, that we will stop rape, pillage

                                                           and plunder each other. Then maybe I

                                                            will consider the former. We are humans

                                                             not animals as I ponder.


                                                                   By Sheikh Mustapha Muhammad Alladin


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