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SW9GGER Photo Shoot: Looking Back... (find all your pics here)

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SW9GGA Like Us is a result of egos and enthusiasm. Faced with the cameras our young people get into the groove with opinions, style and a lot of laughs! As a result of popular demand you can finally check out all the photos from the shoot! You are able to see the photos and even download them individually. Due to the massive number of photos, we have split the shoot in to one summary album and a set of eight albums containing all of the photos taken during the shoot. Instructions follow…

flickr stream preview

In order to view the photos on flickr, begin by clicking on the photo montage above:

1) This will take you to the “SW9GGA Photos – Summa Dem!” album, which is the summary album of the photos

2) If you see a photo you like and want to see more of the same type: hover the mouse over the photo you like

3) A name such as ‘SW9GGA 02345’ will appear: take note of it

4) Click on ‘View all albums’, which is next to the current album’s profile pic

5) Select the corresponding album to the photo name you noted in step 3. In this example (SW9GGA 02345) belongs to album ‘(5/8) SW9GGA 02001 – 02500’

6) Now, just scroll through the album’s photos and you should find another copy of the photo you were interested, but now its surrounded by others taken around the same time!

Tip: Print out these instructions as a guide, if you are still having trouble

If you want a copy of one of the photos on flickr:

1) click on the photo for a full preview

2) click the three dots on the right of the screen

3) click on “Download / All sizes”, then choose “Original” for the best quality and finally hit the “Download” button

3 dots
4) The photo has now downloaded on the computer and should either be in the ‘Downloads’ or ‘Pictures’ folder or maybe even the Desktop (depending on your internet browser)

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