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Poem (Welcome)

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Welcome to the new building now that it has finally been done

This is for the community old and young

You can come in and play board games like ludo or chess

Even if you don’t know how to, you can learn from the best

There will be plenty things for kids to do

There will also be things for you too

If you would like to bake a cake you are most welcome

Have you tried beefy’s banana or choc chip cake? Ooooh they are so awesome

We have so many varieties of nationalities on this estate

For someone from all nationalities to cook would be great

Weekends is sports on the box so why not come in and join the fun

Sitting there on the edge of your seat thinking whens a goal gonna come

You can see the passion in some of the guys faces when they are watching their team

Yeahhh they’ve scored now look how their faces beam

Also on Saturdays we have Salome with her art classes

So who of you is going to be the next artist

If your a resident and want to checkout the new place

Don’t just stand there come in and show your face

Come and meet the staff, Julie the manager and Jamie manager no:2

We welcome you all to the new place this is a place for all of you

So don’t be shy come on through



poem by beefy



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