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Painted Brixton School

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There is an area on the Stockwell park estate which is known to the indigenous of the population as either: “The Pen”, “The Coffin” or “The football pitch”.

Covered with ancient astro turf and with two distinct spaces, “The Pen” is a popular place for young people to spend time. Usually they can be found hanging over the railings watching the graffiti artists hard a work… sweating hour after hour… hungry and thirsty… worn out by their endeavours – that are allowed to remain untouched for at least twenty four hours… before the next artist sweeps away the image in a burst from a spray can. Sometimes they kick a ball around, blasting it into the concrete walls so that the bounce back hurts anyone daft enough to stand in its path!

This time the kids themselves got to have a go at the artistic side. Whilst many refused to accept that they had an artistic bone in their body and said “I can’t”… they found it easy to work alongside Charlotte and Boyd and were enthused at the idea of writing on the walls, getting messy, working with seriously cool adults and leaving their mark.

Thanks to Big Local, small grants were made available to sprinkle entertainment and employment support to the North Brixton Area over the summer period.

So there they all were… in the Pen, just a little bit “painty” and very, very hungry! The Community Trust prepared a hearty supper for all those involved… every Friday!

The Painted Brixton Project attended the Community Trust Housing Funday in Slade Gardens and painted “live “ pictures for their parents to admire… they then moved on to Brixton Bloc where some amazing fishes were intricately designed… they will soon be hanging on the walls of our newly refurbished Centre (soon, soon… we are assured it WILL be happening).

An intergenerational, multi faith, multi racial group having fun, eating and laughing together, being productive and positive… who could want for a better way to spend a Friday evening?

Check out the video of the second “Painted Brixton” school session at Stockwell Hall of Fame.

Year 4 children create their word of the week. Thanks to Stockwell Community Centre.
Funded by Big Local North Brixton and The London Community Foundation.


Check out the video of the “Painted Brixton” school, sessions 3 and 4: twice the work in half the time at Stockwell Hall of Fame!

Year 4 children complete their graffiti experience at Stockwell Hall of Fame. We hear from their teachers, and see their work. Thanks to Stockwell Community Centre.
Funded by Big Local North Brixton and The London Community Foundation.


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