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The Community Trust Working for the relief of poverty,
furtherance of education &
pursuit of racial harmony

What’s On

all current activities / services @ the community centre
keep up to date with the activities and services being run from within your community centre

Hire of Main Hall for Funerals

Hire of Main Hall for Funerals
(Monday or Friday evenings up until 11:00pm)

A funeral in the family can hit the pocket hard. The Community Centre will try to make space available at a reduced cost on Monday or Friday evenings up until 11:00pm for SW9 Housing residents.

Friday Night Supper

Friday Night Supper
(Friday evenings after 7pm)

A warm cooked meal every Friday night... MMMMMmmmmm... scrumptious! In conjunction with Nando's, KFC and Best Before.

Saturday Hall Hire for Wedding or Family Parties

Saturday Hall Hire for Wedding or Family Parties
(Saturdays from anytime up until midnight)

Offering a seated capacity of up to 200 people and kichen facilities, our main hall is always in high demand so check early for availability.
Cost: £350 per day

1:1 Young Persons Employment Project

1:1 Young Persons Employment Project
(Mon to Fri 10:00am-3:00pm)

Funded through Walcot Foundation Community Trust staff will work individually with young people up to the age of 25 to help them into college, get their CV’s up to date and find suitable employment.

1:1 Back to Work Project

1:1 Back to Work Project
(Mon to Fri 10:00am-3:00pm)

The Trust will work on a one to one basis with adults looking to move on in their career or with those who have found themselves unemployed. CV’s sorted out and free to use phone lines are made available for job search.

all current activities / services @ the early years centre
keep up to date with the activities and services being run from within your early years centre

Advanced Pilates
(Thursday evenings 6:30pm)

Advanced Pilates exercises are practiced in the context of a variety of exercises at different levels that work together to create a balanced, dynamic workout.

Mother & Toddler's Group
(Fri 10:00am - 12:00pm)

A 'drop in' group run by Angell Tots - free support for parents and childminders. A place to get a cup of coffee and meet with mums and dads going through the same issues. A place for children to mix with other children, play outside and get messy.

Salome's Sanctuary
(Sat 4:00pm - 6:00pm) - START DATE tbc

Two hour art workshop for children (and parents). Come along and work with Salome and friends to create magical artwork and finally the Community Trust Calendar.

Bike Workshop
Start date to be confirmed (in July)

We are working with the bike workshop to set up a place where those without bikes can come and learn to ride and those who do have one can learn to mend the tyres and make sure that their brakes are working!!!! We will be asking for volunteers to take over the running of the project after the initial start in July.

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what we offer
one of the first charitable organisations to offer free computer training and internet access to local residents: long before the government brushed up their act

Stockwell Park Community Centre was one of the first charitable organisations of its kind to offer its users FREE internet access, all the way back in 1998. The world was moving at a fast pace, so were we! With a fully fledged and state of the art Computer Suite created to keep locals ‘ahead of the game’, we made it our personal goal to ensure that access to the world wide web was not going to pass our locals by, simply because some of them could not afford the very high cost of computers and internet access. The vision also included training local residents how to use computers and we were proud to also have been one of the first charitable organisations to offer free computer training and internet access to local residents: long before the government brushed up their act and followed suit.

Obviously, the need to access the internet over the past decade has grown at an alarming pace… where now people who are not ‘connected’ often feel like they are being left behind, so in addition to the Computer Suite we have for many years provided access to computers throughout the building – especially in ‘The Wing’ area, which is seen as the chillout lounge in the building. The Wing is open access whenever the building is open and is like a second home to many users of the Community Centre. In addition to the internet access, The Wing is equipped with pool, table tennis and tea/coffee facilities, a television and lounging sofas / chairs.

Our computer facilities are often fully engaged with job seekers and those who need to use the Internet. Printing facilities and help on hand (we may charge for over 5 copies though!)

We would like to think that computers and internet access is not all we offer (though we’re happy to accomodate those that feel they need nothing more in life!)

The Trust provides a quiet space for residents to meet Community Trust Housing representatives, social workers / Child and Mental Health (CAMH) workers and other statutory agencies.

Want to speak to the police in private? Arrange to meet them in the Centre at your convenience.

Need a quiet space to revise? Let us know and we will fit you into the Training room for internet access / printing facilities and peace and quiet.

Big Day Out 2007
The Big Day Out is a fun fest for all the family, held just before the children go back to school in September – although it doesn’t happen every year (due to lack of funds), it certainly does live up to its name! Check out some videos of previous events on our About Us: Videos page.

The Trust will lend out tables and chairs for parties / gatherings in CTH residents’ flats (you will have to collect and return – help provided to elderly and disabled… and subject to availability.)

Need gardening tools? We might have what you are looking for!

Locked out? Phone from the Centre to find out where your family are and sit back – watch Eastenders and make yourself a cuppa… or get on a computer and beat the world at Bejewelled!

All events are supervised by SIA qualified staff and the building has extensive CCTV coverage.


the building: how it happened
we wanted to break down the barriers between the rent paying tenants and the youngsters who were making our lives a misery

The Community Trust moved into the disused underground garages many years ago. We had always wanted a place that residents could go when they needed support, advice, a computer, a friendly face or to chase up some little beast that had been making noise outside their flat. Most importantly we wanted to break down the barriers between the rent paying tenants and the youngsters who were making our lives a misery.

Drug dealing was endemic on the estate… gangs of hooded up, hyped up youths with a wisp of paranoia are not what you want to walk into when you want to enter/leave your flat. Loitering, often with absolutely no intent was the rule and they cluttered up the place; making it look untidy, taking out the light bulbs, writing on the walls, making noise… but even the laughing was jarring. They had no understanding that they shared this place with adults and that we disapproved of what they were up to… but equally, there really wasn’t anywhere else to go.

Cue the opening of the Community Centre for ‘Friday Night Youth Club’. We had no funding and no-one got paid. In those days regulation hadn’t got involved in voluntary work and together the Board Members opened the doors to the estate’s young people and have never looked back since.

The Community Centre was run voluntarily for over 12 years by the Trustees of the Community Trust. In 2007 the Trust organised a vote for the transfer of the housing services to the new organisation: Community Trust Housing, as we were looking for an investment of over £78 million to complete the regeneration and we could no longer remain local authority tenants as we would not be able to access the required funding. After extensive consultation, which included the plans for privately built homes on the estates, the residents voted in favour of the transfer to the new resident-led organisation.

The Club has been through many incarnations and leading up to the transfer the Centre was open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, seven days a week. With funding from Community Trust Housing, the Centre employed staff and set about getting ready for the facelift that we knew was coming.