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New chairs for the centre

Feb 10   |   By: fridge908   |   0   |   Posted in Community Centre Tags:

FullSizeRenderIt was a cold, dark January day and Daddy Fridge was fed up with carrying broken and busted chairs around the building…it was a light bulb moment and he leapt on his phone and typed in

Wanted  – chairs for our community…like the Trust…cheap and cheerful!”


Amazingly…it was the Commonwealth Games that bailed us out!

A quick trip, in a cold van, to Romford for Jamie and Faisal …followed by the heart stopping moment where the(hired)  van  got stuck in the underground car park of some well known (but not  necessarily best  loved) eatery in East London. Some jostling and sweating…scraping and swearing ( a bit like child birth if I  re member rightly!) and out slipped the van and Faisal’s heart rate returned to that of a normal human being not expecting to A few hours in a chilly container heaving two hundred, gleaming white chairs out across the freezing landscape and into the van.

A bit of banter…back to Brixton…drop off chairs and out again like heat seeking missiles to collect a beautiful set of banqueting chairs…so much discount! And back to Brixton again. 

Two trips to the dump to get rid of rubbish and the day is done!

9:00am start….11:00pm finish…thanks to all those who helped when the chairs arrived…there were lots of hands on deck…Great communities deserve great chairs for our great behinds…and there’s not many in the area who can say that!


So those of you who want to hire our hall…be prepared to be dazzled by the ex Common Wealth Games chairs…come party with us!

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