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I have a dream! (of BMX'ing)

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“Young Michael has been busy playing table tennis with us for a some months and is getting really good!

His sister Maria is one of our heroic Build It volunteers and so when one evening Michael was telling us how much he loved BMXing but couldn’t afford the right kind of bike and how he thought that Shane was so brave after injuring himself competing and continuing to train by playing table tennis to strengthen his injured elbows, we had a little word with our friends in housing and Roy the caretaker brought down a bike for Braulio, one of our volunteers – to take Michael to Brixton Cycles for a once over.
After the presentation ceremony (!) outside the Centre, a green flash was seen streaking across the estate to the skateboard park where some serious moves were made and flashy steering practised.
It takes a whole community… working together… to make a difference!
Now for the helmet and bike lock!

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