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May 18   |   By: beefy   |   0   |   Posted in Uncategorized Tags:

“What a year it has been for the Tandridge U14 C division Team!!  Not only have they reached the League Shield semi finals but also they topped the division!  Goals by Wesley Martins, Darrell Agyemang, Arthur Hardiman and Kyle – Luke Gordon – Todd won the final game.

Great performance from Josh Hewan from Stockwell Park and the rest of the team led to the manager being thrown high into the air by his excited and delighted team.  Well done lads….self discipline, supportive parents and motivated squad, These young guys i can see them reaching far in the football world if they keep it up and stay focused…what more could we ask for from our youngsters?

We all need to show them our support, Not only parents but footie supporters aswel.


Get active with your kids!” 

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