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Fierce Productions

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Fierce Productions is an amazing organisation that walked through our doors many years ago.

The support and enthusiasm of Rebecca Johnson, the director, was a breath of fresh air. Rebecca understood the Centre and the work that was done at the time. Whilst making her own film “TOP GIRL”, Rebecca also filmed a “fly on the wall” documentary about the Centre and the people who used it.

Called “Home Turf” the documentary is a piece of social history.

Both young and old talk about the changes on the estate, what they think of the Centre and explain why they use the place. There have clearly been changes. Changes come through evolution and, in order to be embedded, changes need time to settle. We are currently in transition… waiting for our newly refurbished building. In the meantime we have worked with Fierce Productions on a number of other projects – the bigger plan in being involved with these projects is to create a record of “a moment in time”…

The film “Swagger Like Us” a stunning film about fashion and lifestyle on the fast vanishing “endz”.

“Electric” is a short film, filmed mainly in Wayland House – all about the disconnection that can arise when you leave a place and return, only to see things differently.
Top Girl

Top Girl is all about rebellious youngsters in Brixton, living a double life and almost believing it themselves! The confusion felt by the young people is shown as they struggle for acceptance with both their peers and their family. It is the usual generation gap, full of life, music and the musings of the young it is a quick “hit” of nostalgia for that moment in time when the sun shines and young people take their first faltering steps into growing up. Both joy and despair… leading to realisation in just a sharp intake of breath.

Top Girl won awards for: Best Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Cinematography at the BFI Black Filmmakers Festival.

Honeytrap (trailer to the forthcoming release)

A new film titled “Honeytrap” was filmed in and around the Centre in 2013. Sadly the script was developed using a tragedy that had already impacted on the young people in the area. Gangs were a part of growing up. Now less of a concern to those of us living here, the impact of the grudges and unresolved issues between young people leads to murder. Local kids got involved both in front and behind the cameras. They mixed with those whose career paths already included “Youngers” (currently on TV) and learned just how hard it is to create a film that needs continuity, different lighting, scripts to be learned, people to be reliable and how to go the extra half mile!

Honeytrap is due for release towards the end of the year – click here to learn more about it. One of the production assistants was Gary, Gary can be seen in Home Turf keeping discipline in army uniform… he now works full-time in the “movie” business… we’re just “keeping them moving in the right direction”.

In the Centre we have many budding film makers. Our Big Local video and our Christmas Party video was put together by an outfit called Jack Joint, the videos made by Devon are lovingly worked on for months in our very own Computer Suite.

Talent can be found everywhere, sometimes it can hide away under a stone, sometimes it can strut its stuff on the stage.

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