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Clever Kids: Mariam's First Radio Interview

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Clever Kids!

“Sometimes it’s not enough just to have kids in the building.  You need to understand what interests them, what they do in their spare time and what their ambitions are.

One such youngster was Mariam Salami.  Mariam desperately wanted to communicate ….she needed confidence, she needed ideas….she needed guinea pigs to practice on!

Enter a guinea pig…..

Mariam’s first radio interview…..she needed someone who wasn’t her mum or dad to be the person on the other end of the phone.   She needed to know that she could interview people she didn’t know that well.   She knew, that in those circumstances, only those with loads of grey hair would do.

Mariam is now at University…she is a positive, kind and thoughtful member of  her social group.  She is about to launch herself and her ideas on the world….a credit to our community!

Keep them coming!”

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