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The Hottest Place to be this weekend: Sunday 2nd August 2015 was Brixton Splash….

Aug 02 2015   |   By: admin   |   0   |   Posted in Community, Music, Party, Uncategorized (click this link for the original article on "Brixton Buzz") the Hottest Place to be this weekend – Sunday 2nd August 2015 was Brixton Splash.... Brixton Splash 2015 a small local affair that has grow’d and grow’d (just like Topsy) it was magnificent in its size but also in the massive amount of respect that hovered above the crowd – often mistaken as weed smoke. Trying to run up the road to Tesco became an assault course and having reached the interior, the alcohol aisle was packed with young people buying up the shop whilst appearing to be half cut already. The weather was good, the vibe was great and yet again Brixton smashed it... and not the windows of Foxton’s! brixton-splash-after-parties-02

Food Project: Nando’s Corporate Video Event

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Mala Naicker (one of the Trust’s most active volunteers) arranged for the Trust to receive free chickens from the Clapham branch of Nando’s to enable volunteers to cook on Friday evenings and provide a hot meal for up to 100 people. Nando’s selected the Trust to be part of their corporate video and this was filmed on Thursday 6th February with over 100 local people attending. A meal was provided along with entertainment (for free!) by our groups who have been given free space to rehearse. This included the Tango dancers and the Hungarian break dancers. The young people who had contributed towards the CTH calendar were presented with prizes for their hard work. CTH staff attended. The evening was very successful with Trust staff and volunteers meeting the Managing Director of Nando’s and also two representatives from the American Food Donation Connection who are responsible for the redistribution of surplus food in association with the National Restaurant Association. This could be considered a controversial programme as currently the Mayor of London is trying to halt the distribution of surplus food to the homeless and poor on the streets. Those helping to supply food to the Trust include both Pret a Manger and EAT. The Trust does not currently advertise the free evening meal widely and there have been no reports of anti-social behaviour arising from the Food Project and we are hoping that the fact that the food is distributed by qualified volunteers within the confines of the building might mean we are going to continue to have food supplied. Nando’s are currently running a very successful employability project in South Africa and the Trust is keen to be a part of this as 6000 youngsters were placed in jobs arising from the South African Project and although many of the issues are the same many are different and we are due to meet the leader of the project in the near future.
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Email from Nando’s after the event: “Hi Mala, Julie, Thank you so much for hosting us last night – and for going to such great lengths to making it a special occasion. We got some great footage, but more importantly we had a really emotional experience of seeing where our chicken is being put to such good use (and to think it used to go in the bin). We were all really moved by the great set up you have and the fantastic work you are doing. Thanks again. We’ll be in touch (and of course, we’ll send you a copy of the film when it’s done). Bob Do the Right Thing Manager”

Trust Xmas @ Wayland House

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It was a cold and frosty evening in December... the entire estate was sitting in front of its radiators, toasting toes and looking forward to a few days off over Christmas. The kitchen doors flew open in unity as youngsters flew into the flats with red cheeks, matching Santa hats, cup cakes and a tale to tell. “It was brilliant... the cakes were all over the place, lots of different colours… Mary made them… the food… lots of it… drinks and the puppets. Mala put up bits of Christmas trees all over the ceiling… Braulio and Slay helped… they were standing on ladders and laughing so much they nearly fell off. There was a puppet show and we all made them, then the bigger boys started singing on the microphone... Eritrea started it... the others joined in. All the grandmas and grandpas were there. OOOOh and there was a raffle… soooo many prizes... look what I won! Then we went outside, there were hot nuts... Wesley had cooked them on a barbeque... then Faisal came - he brought the fireworks with him. They were FANTASTIC! They shot up in the air, they put them on the island in the pond and then... and then... WE lit the Chinese lanterns, they flew right up in the air and floated away... but one of them... one of them just shot up and got itself stuck in the tree... all the branches lit up, they caught on fire. The grownups were singing “nee naw nee naw” and we thought Faisal would have to climb the tree with a bucket of water... it was great Mum... Happy Christmas!”