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Beefy’s blog

Apr 18 2017   |   By: beefy   |   0   |   Posted in Music

IMG_2425DSC01020DSC01016 Hey hows it going? From now on there will be regular blogs by me so keep a look out.. The last  2 weeks or so we have had the pleasure of The Irene Taylor Trust come to the centre with their music project which has had the company of a few guys from the estate coming up with new songs that they can perform together.. They came up with the band name SOUTH SIDERS as they are all from South London, Each of them have their own talent which when combined together make a good sound On Thursday 6th April they had their first performance together at the community centre which went down very well They performed songs  such as MKH which to me is a banger and very catchy chorus that everyone can sing together even getting the audience involved, Other songs are LOVE ME GIRL, ON A LEVEL & WHO AM I I can see big things happening for these guys if they keep up with what they are doing and writing songs as i believe they have the talent to do so BAND MEMBERS:MKH, RAMZ, MUGZZ & DONNIE MC Many thanks goes out to The Irene Taylor Trust for coming to the centre with their project and working with these young men DSC00998

The Hottest Place to be this weekend: Sunday 2nd August 2015 was Brixton Splash….

Aug 02 2015   |   By: admin   |   0   |   Posted in Community, Music, Party, Uncategorized (click this link for the original article on "Brixton Buzz") the Hottest Place to be this weekend – Sunday 2nd August 2015 was Brixton Splash.... Brixton Splash 2015 a small local affair that has grow’d and grow’d (just like Topsy) it was magnificent in its size but also in the massive amount of respect that hovered above the crowd – often mistaken as weed smoke. Trying to run up the road to Tesco became an assault course and having reached the interior, the alcohol aisle was packed with young people buying up the shop whilst appearing to be half cut already. The weather was good, the vibe was great and yet again Brixton smashed it... and not the windows of Foxton’s! brixton-splash-after-parties-02

Antiqu’e: One in a Million

Apr 10 2014   |   By: admin   |   0   |   Posted in Art, Community, Music

Antique is a young lady well known to many members of the Trust (they went to school with her). Antique has run workshops for Build It, the Job Centre and many others. A Positive Person, Antique can sing… can she sing! Her latest video (released on 30th January 2014) was shot in our meeting room and is covered below. Antique is gearing herself up to tackle the issues around Bereavement in one of our “Tackling the difficult subjects” sessions. Despite the title we are hoping for positive outcomes from the workshops… we will be reminding you when and where. We start with a discussion about drug use in partnership with the NHS in June and hope to run a session once a month talking about those things you may not feel confident speaking about. All nationalities, all ages and all cultures are invited to come along to bring their views on those difficult subjects.


Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES footage of "One in a Million" filmed in our very own centre!

Here's the full release of Antique's video: "One in a Million"

if it's antiqu'e it's inspirational