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Community-Trust-Logo---gold                                                                                                                                                                                                           FREE CLASSES                                                                                             English as a Second Language                                                                                              From beginners to advanced.                                          Come and meet the tutor on Weds 7th or Thurs 8th June in the Community Centre                                                                                                          10:30 – 4:30pm                                                                                        Everyone welcome to come along!    

Now we have a lovely new centre...maybe you would like to pop in and see what is on offer!


Our ESOL Classes are designed to get you talking...different levels for your needs


All female classes available and the tutor welcomes those with under two’s!


We all need to understand  each other....a fun and friendly class to get you all talking!


Maggie has worked with the Trust before and we know she is the tutor for YOU!!!


Keep checking the website.... more courses coming up!

              21 Aytoun Place  Stockwell Park Road London SW9 0TE 020 7924 9899

Outsiders in London – Are you one, too?

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Press Release: 22nd February 2015 By Milan Svanderlik A free, seven-week exhibition, featuring the powerful portraits and deeply moving life stories of 41 extraordinary Londoners. This is Milan Svanderlik’s second major non-commercial exhibition at St Martin’s, in the very heart of London. Mon 23 March 2015 - Sat 9th May 2015 The Gallery in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ (scroll to the bottom of the page for a location map)

Gary Barnes and Dennis Rose

UPDATE: Check out the following link where Dennis (no longer such a menace!) is the main feature in a 5 minute London Live culture programme, LondonGo. Dennis on the London Live programme Dennis Rose and Gary Areef Barnes are two of the 40 people who took part in the project: they have both felt like outsiders and in many ways they continue to do so. Yet they are insiders too and very much a part of the Stockwell Park Estate community in Brixton. Both their life stories are captivating, moving and inspirational because they offer hope to a younger generation; indeed, they are an inspiration to all of us. The term ‘outsiders’ often has negative connotations: these are the people who are regarded as ‘them’ incontrast to ‘us’, the arrivals from distant provinces or foreign lands, those not quite belonging, those not exactly fitting in, those not conforming. Of course, there is another side to this coin: there are those who stand out deliberately, who choose to go against the grain, the ones who challenge established social, cultural or religious norms, who question the policies and orthodoxies broadly accepted by those who are of the mainstream, those ‘on the inside’. Outsiders in London aims to illustrate how many of us will experience the feeling of being an outsider at some stage in our lives; how some of us are labelled as, or feel ourselves to be, outsiders from the very outset but manage to turn this into an advantage, or just make the best of it; how some of us are crushed by the burden of being ‘on the outside’, while others grapple with it, grow stronger and, in overcoming adversity, quite often make exceptional contributions to society. This Exhibition reveals something of the lives of 41 such individuals, who perceive (or have perceived) themselves as ‘outsiders’ in one way or another, and to celebrate both that they have survived and what they have achieved. It is also to be hoped that every one of us will recognise in these images, and life stories, some facet of ourselves or of someone close to us. Milan’s latest exhibition has a strong link to its predecessor, 100 Faces of London, held at The Gallery in the Crypt in 2012, as it too emphasises the extraordinary diversity of London’s population, but this time with a more explicit socio-political slant. All the portraits and the associated life stories (in full) of the 40+ individuals are already online and can be viewed at:
The Gallery in the Crypt St Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square London WC2N 4JJ

View map

Emil and the Detectives! By Erich Kastner

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Who spotted Million Binyam from Stockwell Park strutting her stuff on stage in Emil and the Detectives? Carl Miller’s adaption of the story of Emil being robbed by Mr Snow is clear about the stigma attached to poverty, and being poor. Set in 1920’s Germany against a background of rigid authoritarianism and conformity, the play explores the relationship of child to adult authority, the perceived dangers of the Big City and the relationship between parent and child. Pretty sure that Million could have brought her own views to the story! Kids from here…doing well… soon up for the Oscars… Stockwell Park nurtures champions! emil and the detectives
Just in case you are wondering who Million Binyam is - we were the first to recognise her star qualities! She has featured on our main logo for the past 4 years (alongside her brother, who we're sure is also a star in the making!!)

SW9GGER Photo Shoot: Looking Back… (find all your pics here)

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SW9GGA Like Us is a result of egos and enthusiasm. Faced with the cameras our young people get into the groove with opinions, style and a lot of laughs! As a result of popular demand you can finally check out all the photos from the shoot! You are able to see the photos and even download them individually. Due to the massive number of photos, we have split the shoot in to one summary album and a set of eight albums containing all of the photos taken during the shoot. Instructions follow...

flickr stream preview

In order to view the photos on flickr, begin by clicking on the photo montage above: 1) This will take you to the "SW9GGA Photos - Summa Dem!" album, which is the summary album of the photos 2) If you see a photo you like and want to see more of the same type: hover the mouse over the photo you like 3) A name such as 'SW9GGA 02345' will appear: take note of it 4) Click on 'View all albums', which is next to the current album's profile pic 5) Select the corresponding album to the photo name you noted in step 3. In this example (SW9GGA 02345) belongs to album '(5/8) SW9GGA 02001 - 02500' 6) Now, just scroll through the album's photos and you should find another copy of the photo you were interested, but now its surrounded by others taken around the same time! Tip: Print out these instructions as a guide, if you are still having trouble
If you want a copy of one of the photos on flickr: 1) click on the photo for a full preview 2) click the three dots on the right of the screen 3) click on "Download / All sizes", then choose "Original" for the best quality and finally hit the "Download" button 3 dots 4) The photo has now downloaded on the computer and should either be in the 'Downloads' or 'Pictures' folder or maybe even the Desktop (depending on your internet browser)
Don't forget to check out!

The Film
SW9GGER photo shoot slideshow  The Slideshow

Food Project: Nando’s Corporate Video Event

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Mala Naicker (one of the Trust’s most active volunteers) arranged for the Trust to receive free chickens from the Clapham branch of Nando’s to enable volunteers to cook on Friday evenings and provide a hot meal for up to 100 people. Nando’s selected the Trust to be part of their corporate video and this was filmed on Thursday 6th February with over 100 local people attending. A meal was provided along with entertainment (for free!) by our groups who have been given free space to rehearse. This included the Tango dancers and the Hungarian break dancers. The young people who had contributed towards the CTH calendar were presented with prizes for their hard work. CTH staff attended. The evening was very successful with Trust staff and volunteers meeting the Managing Director of Nando’s and also two representatives from the American Food Donation Connection who are responsible for the redistribution of surplus food in association with the National Restaurant Association. This could be considered a controversial programme as currently the Mayor of London is trying to halt the distribution of surplus food to the homeless and poor on the streets. Those helping to supply food to the Trust include both Pret a Manger and EAT. The Trust does not currently advertise the free evening meal widely and there have been no reports of anti-social behaviour arising from the Food Project and we are hoping that the fact that the food is distributed by qualified volunteers within the confines of the building might mean we are going to continue to have food supplied. Nando’s are currently running a very successful employability project in South Africa and the Trust is keen to be a part of this as 6000 youngsters were placed in jobs arising from the South African Project and although many of the issues are the same many are different and we are due to meet the leader of the project in the near future.
Jolly Good Jem

360 Calories Per Leg

Three Hungry Men

Grateful Smile

May I Have More

Cock-a-Doodle Doo

Email from Nando’s after the event: “Hi Mala, Julie, Thank you so much for hosting us last night – and for going to such great lengths to making it a special occasion. We got some great footage, but more importantly we had a really emotional experience of seeing where our chicken is being put to such good use (and to think it used to go in the bin). We were all really moved by the great set up you have and the fantastic work you are doing. Thanks again. We’ll be in touch (and of course, we’ll send you a copy of the film when it’s done). Bob Do the Right Thing Manager”

Stockwell Park Jobs Fair: Runner Up in 2013 Award

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We are proud to report that the Stockwell Park Jobs Fair, based in our very own community centre and in association with the Met Police has featured as a runner up in the Howard League for Penal Reform: 2013 Community Programme Award, in the Children and Young People category.  
howard league pc rowlandsRunner up: Stockwell Park Estate Job Fair, Metropolitan Police Service
It was found that the Stockwell Park Estate SW9 was rife with unemployment and yet young people in the area, known to the police, showed a willingness to change and work. A jobs fair event that provides employment and opportunities to everyone, however, it is particularly tailored to approaching young people with a criminal record in gangs. The concept aims to divert young people away from crime and violence. Lambeth College, Pathways also offer free courses and training. A group of 20 gang members were invited to attend the jobs fair and every single attendee got a job or apprenticeship and are still in that role. In addition 45 other members of the community got a job. Another jobs fair event was held in February 2013:
  • 15 jobs given to gang members and young offenders, one who had been released from prison 2 days before
  • 82 jobs were given to local people in the community. 21 are still in their role
The project targets people between the ages of 18-24 who are known to the Police, are associated with a gang or have been released from prison. click here to view the original article

The end of Wayland House – Robsart Street SW9

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For years the area has been dominated by the towering Wayland House. For some it was an eyesore with bad memories of drug dealers in the stairwells, dodgy electrics and a water tank that once we found pigeons had been bathing in. For others it was their home with fantastic views, great neighbours and flats they loved. They lived their lives in the sky, away from all the stresses of the streets. Not enough investment in the then unfashionable tower block meant that Wayland House was never able to reach its full potential. We filmed the opening shots of our video “Home Turf” on the roof of Wayland – kids jumping about on the skyline… probably wouldn’t be allowed these days! When residents were asked whether the block should stay up or come down they voted for it to be brought down – not with a bang but with a whimper. Floor by floor the demolition of Wayland House is taking place. For those who have mixed memories they can think back to 1999 when the poor unfortunate Claudio Annunciacao aged 32 was found stuffed into a rubbish chute on the 8th floor. Still on the Met’s books as an unsolved murder his final resting place will soon be gone. On September 17th 2012 there was a FIRE on the 11th floor! (click here to see full article)... pictures and words courtesy of “Brixton Blog”. Wayland House, shortly before being taken down
An artist named David Hepher painted an oil on canvas picture of Wayland House called “Stockwell Flats”. This is what Wayland House looked like when originally built.
Wayland House Robsart Street Stockwell London SW9 0BP

View map

Click on 'Map of Wayland House' above, then 'View Map' to see where Wayland House once stood. If you hit the 'Satellite' view and then zoom in by turning your mouse wheel, you can see works in progress of the building that will replace Wayland House!

Some people hold fond memories of Wayland House... Lil Sullivan sings of hers! (in an exclusive for The Community Trust :)