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Stockwell Park Jobs Fair: Runner Up in 2013 Award

Jan 01 2014   |   By: admin   |   0   |   Posted in Community, Community Centre, Homepage Article, Information, Uncategorized

We are proud to report that the Stockwell Park Jobs Fair, based in our very own community centre and in association with the Met Police has featured as a runner up in the Howard League for Penal Reform: 2013 Community Programme Award, in the Children and Young People category.  
howard league pc rowlandsRunner up: Stockwell Park Estate Job Fair, Metropolitan Police Service
It was found that the Stockwell Park Estate SW9 was rife with unemployment and yet young people in the area, known to the police, showed a willingness to change and work. A jobs fair event that provides employment and opportunities to everyone, however, it is particularly tailored to approaching young people with a criminal record in gangs. The concept aims to divert young people away from crime and violence. Lambeth College, Pathways also offer free courses and training. A group of 20 gang members were invited to attend the jobs fair and every single attendee got a job or apprenticeship and are still in that role. In addition 45 other members of the community got a job. Another jobs fair event was held in February 2013:
  • 15 jobs given to gang members and young offenders, one who had been released from prison 2 days before
  • 82 jobs were given to local people in the community. 21 are still in their role
The project targets people between the ages of 18-24 who are known to the Police, are associated with a gang or have been released from prison. click here to view the original article

Trust Xmas @ Wayland House

Dec 13 2012   |   By: admin   |   0   |   Posted in Community, Community Centre, Housing, Party, Uncategorized

It was a cold and frosty evening in December... the entire estate was sitting in front of its radiators, toasting toes and looking forward to a few days off over Christmas. The kitchen doors flew open in unity as youngsters flew into the flats with red cheeks, matching Santa hats, cup cakes and a tale to tell. “It was brilliant... the cakes were all over the place, lots of different colours… Mary made them… the food… lots of it… drinks and the puppets. Mala put up bits of Christmas trees all over the ceiling… Braulio and Slay helped… they were standing on ladders and laughing so much they nearly fell off. There was a puppet show and we all made them, then the bigger boys started singing on the microphone... Eritrea started it... the others joined in. All the grandmas and grandpas were there. OOOOh and there was a raffle… soooo many prizes... look what I won! Then we went outside, there were hot nuts... Wesley had cooked them on a barbeque... then Faisal came - he brought the fireworks with him. They were FANTASTIC! They shot up in the air, they put them on the island in the pond and then... and then... WE lit the Chinese lanterns, they flew right up in the air and floated away... but one of them... one of them just shot up and got itself stuck in the tree... all the branches lit up, they caught on fire. The grownups were singing “nee naw nee naw” and we thought Faisal would have to climb the tree with a bucket of water... it was great Mum... Happy Christmas!”