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Aug 18 2017   |   By: beefy   |   0   |   Posted in Community, Community Centre, Information

colour_only_-_uofs_logo_interim_cmyk_v9_converted_large Catch Up: Literacy sessions at the Community Trust Aim of Catch Up To help Community Trust service users improve their reading and spelling skills using the literacy intervention programme, Units of Sound, with the main aim of helping those get back into work, enrol on courses and boost their confidence. What is Units of Sound? Units of Sound is a structured, online literacy intervention programme that covers reading, spelling and writing skills. Units of Sound encourages independent learning. Who is Catch Up for? Catch Up is for anyone who is, for whatever reason, behind in their reading, spelling and writing and wishes to improve their skills and confidence in literacy. The sessions will benefit people who, for example:  have missed out on a lot of schooling  are dyslexic/ have hidden learning difficulties  have English as a second language  have generally always struggled with their reading and/ or spelling What will a typical session look like? A typical 45mins session would cover: Requirements  Students need to be able to read and spell three letter words as a minimum.  Students need to attend sessions regularly to see progress. Two missed sessions in a row would result in their place being offered to someone else.  
Catch Up: sessões de alfabetização no Community Trust
Objetivo de Catch Up Para ajudar os usuários do Community Trust a melhorar suas habilidades de leitura e ortografia usando o programa de intervenção de alfabetização, Units of Sound, com o objetivo principal de ajudar aqueles a voltar ao trabalho, inscrever-se em cursos e aumentar sua confiança.

O que é unidades de som? Units of Sound é um programa estruturado de intervenção em alfabetização em linha que cobre habilidades de leitura, ortografia e escrita. Unidades de som incentiva a aprendizagem independente.

Quem é o Catch Up? Catch Up é para quem é, por qualquer motivo, por trás de sua leitura, ortografia e escrita e deseja melhorar suas habilidades e confiança na alfabetização. As sessões beneficiarão pessoas que, por exemplo:
 perderam muita escolaridade
 são disléxicos / têm dificuldades de aprendizagem escondidas
 ter o inglês como segunda língua
 geralmente sempre lutaram com sua leitura e / ou ortografia

Como será uma sessão típica? Uma típica sessão de 45 minutos abrangeria:

 Os alunos precisam ser capazes de ler e soletrar palavras de três letras como mínimo.
 Os alunos precisam freqüentar as sessões regularmente para ver o progresso. Duas sessões perdidas seguidas resultariam

 em que seu lugar fosse oferecido a outra pessoa

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Trust It's so simple, So basic, Yet we lack it. Interaction is nothing without it. Unable to make a bond because the fact is, We've missed the point. The point that connects you and me, And not just on a family tree; That connects us all from A to Z, And not just on eHarmony.   Trust.   Where did it go? Or did we even have it years ago? Afraid to go on the right track, Because we might get stabbed in the back. Locking our doors and checking it twice, Like we're Santa Clause on a Christmas blight. Putting a lock on our phone for protection, Because your friends may use it as a weapon. Hiding what belongs to us, Because we lost our trust in all our lust. But trusting each other is a must, Because you cant spell TRUST without us.   Trust.   A firm belief in the reliability, Truth, Ability, Or strength in someone. Can you think of anyone? I am sure you can, Maybe the one that holds your hand. But for how long? I'm sorry but it's true, People can back-stab you. But this can change starting with you, Because if you trust people, They'll trust you. You may get hurt but at least you'll live, With your heart on your sleeve and something to give.   So let's break this cycle of deceit and start this world anew. It doesn't start with them, It starts with you. Trust someone and you will see, How great this world could be, For you and me. It's not that hard so don't make it be, It's only the fear of the possibility, Of losing everything. Don't fear, Trust.  19       6a00d83451bd8169e2017c316f6dd5970bTRUST


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Community-Trust-Logo---gold                                                                                                                                                                                                           FREE CLASSES                                                                                             English as a Second Language                                                                                              From beginners to advanced.                                          Come and meet the tutor on Weds 7th or Thurs 8th June in the Community Centre                                                                                                          10:30 – 4:30pm                                                                                        Everyone welcome to come along!    

Now we have a lovely new centre...maybe you would like to pop in and see what is on offer!


Our ESOL Classes are designed to get you talking...different levels for your needs


All female classes available and the tutor welcomes those with under two’s!


We all need to understand  each other....a fun and friendly class to get you all talking!


Maggie has worked with the Trust before and we know she is the tutor for YOU!!!


Keep checking the website.... more courses coming up!

              21 Aytoun Place  Stockwell Park Road London SW9 0TE 020 7924 9899

Frankie The Artist

May 18 2017   |   By: beefy   |   0   |   Posted in Art, Uncategorized

FullSizeRender20170329_122126 20170329_122148 Hey how you all doing?  Frankie Most of you know Frankie he has been a resident on the estate for over 30 years and since i’ve known him he has been doing his brilliant artwork, His paintings are displayed in alot of homes. I remember my mum having a few of his paintings and her friends coming round and asking who is the artist or where did she get them from. All of his paintings you can see the love and attention to detail he has in them, We will be having a launch of the new centre soon and Frankie’s paintings will be on display, Also he will be selling his work and already there has been alot of interest and enquiries about his art. So don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open for more details about Frankie and his paintings, You can even pop into the community centre if you would like to see a few of them.

Footie news

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“What a year it has been for the Tandridge U14 C division Team!!  Not only have they reached the League Shield semi finals but also they topped the division!  Goals by Wesley Martins, Darrell Agyemang, Arthur Hardiman and Kyle – Luke Gordon – Todd won the final game. Great performance from Josh Hewan from Stockwell Park and the rest of the team led to the manager being thrown high into the air by his excited and delighted team.  Well done lads....self discipline, supportive parents and motivated squad, These young guys i can see them reaching far in the football world if they keep it up and stay focused...what more could we ask for from our youngsters? We all need to show them our support, Not only parents but footie supporters aswel. Untitled.jUntitled Get active with your kids!” 

Poem (Welcome)

May 10 2017   |   By: beefy   |   0   |   Posted in Uncategorized

Welcome to the new building now that it has finally been done This is for the community old and young You can come in and play board games like ludo or chess Even if you don't know how to, you can learn from the best There will be plenty things for kids to do There will also be things for you too If you would like to bake a cake you are most welcome Have you tried beefy's banana or choc chip cake? Ooooh they are so awesome We have so many varieties of nationalities on this estate For someone from all nationalities to cook would be great Weekends is sports on the box so why not come in and join the fun Sitting there on the edge of your seat thinking whens a goal gonna come You can see the passion in some of the guys faces when they are watching their team Yeahhh they've scored now look how their faces beam Also on Saturdays we have Salome with her art classes So who of you is going to be the next artist If your a resident and want to checkout the new place Don't just stand there come in and show your face Come and meet the staff, Julie the manager and Jamie manager no:2 We welcome you all to the new place this is a place for all of you So don't be shy come on through Welcome.....................................   poem by beefy    

Beefy’s blog

Apr 18 2017   |   By: beefy   |   0   |   Posted in Music

IMG_2425DSC01020DSC01016 Hey hows it going? From now on there will be regular blogs by me so keep a look out.. The last  2 weeks or so we have had the pleasure of The Irene Taylor Trust come to the centre with their music project which has had the company of a few guys from the estate coming up with new songs that they can perform together.. They came up with the band name SOUTH SIDERS as they are all from South London, Each of them have their own talent which when combined together make a good sound On Thursday 6th April they had their first performance together at the community centre which went down very well They performed songs  such as MKH which to me is a banger and very catchy chorus that everyone can sing together even getting the audience involved, Other songs are LOVE ME GIRL, ON A LEVEL & WHO AM I I can see big things happening for these guys if they keep up with what they are doing and writing songs as i believe they have the talent to do so BAND MEMBERS:MKH, RAMZ, MUGZZ & DONNIE MC Many thanks goes out to The Irene Taylor Trust for coming to the centre with their project and working with these young men DSC00998

beefy’s blog

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Police officers line the street as the coffin of PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the recent Westminster attack, is transported from the Palace of Westminster, where it laid overnight, to his funeral at Southwark Cathedral in central London, Britain April 10, 2017.     REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Police officers line the street as the coffin of PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the recent Westminster attack, is transported from the Palace of Westminster, where it laid overnight, to his funeral at Southwark Cathedral in central London, Britain April 10, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay