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Antiqu'e: One in a Million

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Antique is a young lady well known to many members of the Trust (they went to school with her). Antique has run workshops for Build It, the Job Centre and many others. A Positive Person, Antique can sing… can she sing!

Her latest video (released on 30th January 2014) was shot in our meeting room and is covered below. Antique is gearing herself up to tackle the issues around Bereavement in one of our “Tackling the difficult subjects” sessions. Despite the title we are hoping for positive outcomes from the workshops… we will be reminding you when and where.

We start with a discussion about drug use in partnership with the NHS in June and hope to run a session once a month talking about those things you may not feel confident speaking about. All nationalities, all ages and all cultures are invited to come along to bring their views on those difficult subjects.


Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES footage of “One in a Million” filmed in our very own centre!

Here’s the full release of Antique’s video: “One in a Million”

if it's antiqu'e it's inspirational

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