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The Community Trust Working for the relief of poverty,
furtherance of education &
pursuit of racial harmony

Community Trust – 24 years in the making!

“working for the relief of poverty, furtherance of education and pursuit of racial harmony”

Twenty years have flown by!

When the Community Trust first started on its journey to support the most marginalised in the area, it knocked on 1500 front doors and asked those who lived there what their aspirations for the future were and what were the key things that worried them.

The results were overwhelming. The fear and reality of poverty, the lack of education and opportunities for their children and the uncertainty about their futures led local people to set up a charity and a company limited by guarantee, dedicated to the relief of poverty, furtherance of education and the pursuit of racial harmony.

Armed with the knowledge about people fears for the future the Community Trust exercised the Right to Manage and took over the management of 1500 social housing homes on the Stockwell/Brixton borders. Reopening the closed Community Centre and the necessity to lever in millions of pounds for the improvement of local homes, drove the Trust to orchestrate the birth of Community Trust Housing, a housing association led by local people to oversee the regeneration of the area and the building of new homes.

The Community Trust settled down to work from the Community Centre to deliver services to local people with the aims of the charity firmly set in their sights…

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The upcoming film “Honeytrap”, due for release towards the end of the year was filmed in and around our very own community centre in 2013! Read our full article about the film’s producer, Rebecca of “Fierce Productions” and some of her other work set within our community.

Nando’s selected the Trust to be part of their corporate video and this was filmed on Thursday 6th February with over 100 local people attending. A meal was provided along with entertainment (for free!) by our groups who have been given free space to rehearse.

Sponsored by the Community Trust to race in regional, national and international BMX competitions Shane is currently ranked 16th in the country! A partnership with Community Trust Housing and CK Flash has kept Shane on the track… and beyond!

Check out Antique’s latest video: “One in a Million” (released on 30th Jan) and shot in our very own meeting room! We take a look at the ‘behind the scenes’ footage as well as the final release video. Antique is gearing herself up to run a drop in session tackling issues around Bereavement.
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